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En garde!


This week at rehearsal:

The Duel 
Brad and Erik geared up for their BADASS duel..."Have at you then!"

Alicia schools Brad 
Alicia steps in to school the dynamic duo:
She's so swift my camera couldn't even get her.

Dancing Duel 
This one's fun because it sort of looks like they're dancing..."A double hit!"

Really, this is just the beginning. If you like what you see, (and if you don't, or if you sort of do but think the photography is terrible, you may blame the makers of my shaky-but-still-alive BlackBerry Tour purchased circa 2010) you may want to consider getting tickets and seeing what it looks like for real, in person, onstage, up-and-down stairs (but maybe not! I reveal nothing!). On the other hand, if you think a plug for the show is incredibly cheap and tacky then I offer my apologies, but you ARE reading this blog, which probably means you like us and we like you back, so you have no excuse not to just go get your dang tickets.