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To the Future! Raise Your Glass to Week 2 of Island.

Grab a glass of mead, kids-  this is about to get real. 

Devils and debauchers of lace!! We did it! The set is up, the costumes are on, the audiences are in, and we are beyond thrilled to extend the invite (or re-extend, or perhaps just glower at you if you’re still ‘not sure’ whether you’re coming) to see Island; Or To Be or Not to Be. 

We’ve had a great time putting this show together. It’s been hard work, but certain beyond certainty a great deal of fun, most of which we remember.

There is one thing we surely haven’t forgotten, and that is where our roots lie: as the company that reminds you that drinking is and always has been an important component of any theatrical enterprise:* Ladies and gents, I present to you...

*Whoa, there. Only if you're 21 and over. What kind of company do you think this is?


So. You’ve wound your way from the F train (or the L, for north-Brooklynites like yours truly!) meandered up the lower east side and successfully arrived at the Connelly Theater. You've checked-in with the stunning blonde house manager and finally, finally made your way to the concession stand, where one of the incredibly charming creative staff/wine-opening team hands you your drink. You could go for a bottle of water, but seduced by that familiar acidic smell of sin and low-income alcoholism, you throw any shred of class or dignity to the wind and make a generous suggested donation in exchange for a plastic cup of Trader Joe’s wine-- red OR white. And then, wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful, you learn that you can BRING IT INTO THE THEATRE (just in case you were getting nostalgic for the Access). Drink responsibly, and no cheating.


Take a drink when:

-You hear a quote from Shakespeare that you recognize (duh.)  

-You hear any quote or reference that you recognize (honor system here!)

-Martext misuses a word

-Someone speaks in unison or finishes someone elses sentence

-"...I could kill myself!"

-Penis joke

-Poop joke

-Anyone dresses in drag


Drink 5 times when:

-Silence steals a scene

-Micheal Shattner cocks his eyebrow in a way that makes you laugh so hard it hurts.

-Richard falls over, unconscious


Finish your drink when:


-Dance! (and/or song!) 

-You get some candy!

Stand up very carefully. After you remember how to use your legs and focus your eyes, make your way into the lobby and give any cast member you encounter a bear hug because at this point there is a significantly high probability that you will love them as much as I do, and they just might love your sloppy drunk self right back. Now, get out that door and tell your friends exactly how much fun you had and come back for round two!

(Note: Have you seen Island? Have I made any egregious omissions to this list? I know you know how to comment, so if there is yet another hilarious element that our audience simply must  drink to, let me know! Cheers!