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Holy Moses! This is for Real.

The first run is through.


My sides hurt and my heart swells with pride, which can only mean one thing: as of 11pm on Thursday, September 13, we completed our first full run through of Island, and it was pretty awesome. Sure, the next week and a half is going to involve a lot of screw-tightening (and screwing around, but only in the most carefully orchestrated way of course) and nail biting (as well as set-bulding, prop-manuevering, costume wrangling, criminal maniacling, candy eating, and prince kissing), but we've come a long way and rehearsal is a helluva place to be when you get to hang out with this talented bunch.


An homage, in photographic form, of some of the great moments so far in 440 studios:


One of many forehead slap inducing moments

An awkward (/delightful) moment between Julia/Aaron and Rosaline.


Ross steps in to...I don't really know what exactly is going on here.
What's so funny?

bellows is confused


Kevin keeps on eye on things.
A priceless moment from Martext





This week we said goodbye to 440 studios and moved our motley band of players into our new home for the next month, the Connelly Theater. We open NEXT WEEK (!) and there are plenty more posts, photos, and actor interviews to come!