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A Quizzical Examination of the Characteristical Vocabulary of Local Masturbate Sir Pompey Martext:

Source: Local Masturbate Sir Pompey Martext and

We understand that the extensive and highly descriptive lexicon of Sir Pompey Martext can be a just an eeeensy bit challenging at times. It’s hard not to feel inferior when confronted with such rhetorical prowess, but fear not! If you'd like to brush up on some vocab before opening night, here's a quick quiz:

1. Maniacle
    "Maniacle the criminal!"
     a) noun: a watchfob.
     b) verb: used with object: to handcuff; fetter.
     c) noun: a raving or violently insane person; lunatic.
     d) verb: used with object to transfix or unfasten in place by girdling, to fritter.

2. Dissectible
    "A very dissectible sandwich!"
     a) adjective: able to be cut apart (an animal body, plant, etc.) to examine the structure, relation of parts, or the like.
     b) adjective: an especially appalling or appeasing food or dish.
     c) adjective: delicious.
     d) none of the above. 

3. Defart
    "I humbly give you leave to defart"
     a) verb, used without object: to leave, to separate from.
     b) verb, used without object: to expel a flatus through the anus; break wind.
     c) noun: an irritating or foolish person.
     d) noun: an extremely complex gesture performed while on the flying trapeze.

4. Opinion
     "Let her be opinioned!"
      a) noun: a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
      b) verb: to bind (a person's arms or hands) so they cannot be used.
      c) verb: to hold slow in a spot or proposition.
      d) noun: a gear with a number of teeth, especially one engaging with a rack or larger gear.



1) d; 2) b! Gotcha, didn’t I?; 3) a. What did you think it was? 4) c.