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I Do Arrest Your Words!


Michael Shattner, aka Sir Pompey Martext, questions my answers*


*First of all, holy CRAP this show is all kinds of fun. Last night was our final dress (please hold your gasps of disbelief, I know the past 5 weeks have flown by) and TONIGHT we're ushering in our first real audience (and by that I mean really ushering, there's is a very good chance I will be standing at the door and handing you playbills with a smile. You're welcome.) Huzzah!

While you wait with bated breath for our 7pm curtain (P.S. come see our show. Buy your tickets now. Etc.), here's a little actor interview to tide you over. 




The elliciter of belly laughs, the wearer of red hose, the arbiter of duels duel, the master of malapropisms and prolonged comic pauses...


Michael Shattner (Sir Pompey Martext) 



Q.. Where did you grow up?
A. Montreal

Q. Where did you go to college?
A. Northwestern University

Q. What is the funniest part of Island?
A. The double-reverse Romeo de Bergerac. Curious? You'll just have to come see it.

Q. What about your character do you relate to the most?
A. I resemble the incineration that there would be any deflation between myself and Martext. Show some disrespect!

Q. Funniest or most interesting onstage moment?
A. I'm not very funny and am of minimal interest.

Q. Know any good limericks?
A. No, but I know some filthy haikus.