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New York Shakespeare Exchange bridges cultural divides, starts conversations, promotes education, and brings communities together through diverse, classically-based programming that re-imagines how Shakespearean theater and poetry can impact our modern world.
Brimming with an unwavering sense of adventure, our work honors the legacy of the Bard while intersecting his poetry with today’s ever-changing social, political, and technological landscapes. From star-crossed lovers wooing across a crowded bar, to sonnets interpreted as independent film, to live productions that highlight Shakespeare’s verse in a contemporary context, our projects challenge expectations and lead us forward to continued innovation.

Our Annual Fundraising Drive
NY Shakespeare Exchange depends on our community to help create work like our one-of-a-kind The Sonnet Project, our stimulating mainstage productions, and our community-building INTERSECTIONS initiative. Now, as we head into our eighth thrilling season, we are reaching out to you so that we can continue to bridge cultural divides and inspire important conversations both in NYC and around the world. 
We need to raise $50,000 to support our work.
You can be a part of our success.