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Interview with our Claudio, Cory O'Brien-Pniewski

Role in the show?


Brief background?

Detroit native. Studied theatre at Western Michigan University (undergrad) and University of Tennessee (graduate). Member of AEA.

Favorite Shakespeare play and why?

Comedy - Loves Labours Lost for the lovely wordplay between lovers

Tragedy - Titus Andronicus for the visceral violence and revenge

Two words to describe Much Ado?


What kind of preparation did you do for the role?

Lots of work on gullibility. Staying in an honest moment. Remaining true to character motivations.

What makes this adaptation different from another Shakespeare play you’ve been in?

This is a much more modern adaptation of Shakespeare than I usually find myself performing in. I very much enjoy the use of modern technology to help perpetuate the idea of fake news and all the outlets it can come from these days.

What is the most difficult aspect of your role or the play?

Balancing and justifying the massive range and sudden changes of emotion. Every interaction Claudio has with the other characters effects him deeply, the difficulty stands in keeping the performance truthful thru all of these sudden and deep emotional changes.