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Interview with our Lighting Designer, Jason Fok

Position and include a one line description of what your position does?

Lighting Designer. I work with the director and design team to create the visual world of the play.

Brief background?

Born and raised in Palm Springs, California. Moved to the East Coast to study theatre design and art history.

Favorite Shakespeare play and why?

Titus. The idea of how betrayal and quest for revenge drive people towards extreme circumstances for survival. I have always been a fan of plays and stories where people have a deep emotional or physical struggle to break out of their circumstances.

Two words to describe Much Ado?

Deception. Honor.

How did you get into your area of design?

I got started in lighting while I was in middle school. I went to a lot of art museums and theatre performances with my parents growing up and caught the theatre / art bug.

What kind of research did you do for Much Ado?

We looked a lot of images of tubular lighting. Fluorescent lighting, light bulbs, rope lighting. How lighting could help reenforce or create architecture was really fascinating. The idea of digital information being transmitted was an initial idea.

How does your design convey the themes of the play?

The idea of fake news and how people perceive information was very important to the Director, Ross Williams. A lot of my design incorporates a lot of colored lighting - something about that felt very modern. We talked a lot with the Scenic Designer, Jason Lajke on how we could have light up boxes on the set or how lighting could create very defined shapes and spaces.

What is your favorite and/or most challenging part of the job?

My favorite part of the job happens to be the most challenge - finding create solutions through design to solves moments in the play. Working with Dramaturgy is also a great way to dig deeper into the play. They are essential in informing my design choices.