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Interview with our Stage Manager, Gabriela Gowdie

Position and include a one line description of what your position does?

Stage Manager - The Hermione Granger of the theater, always in two places at once pulling myriad objects out of a purse.

Brief background?

Born and raised in New York, I've been finding ways to express myself ever since I got my first taste of artistic freedom that one time I transformed the bathroom door into the crayon scribble masterpiece of my wildest dreams. Seeking it now I've expanded beyond scribbling into acting, writing, directing, and stage managing, channeling my experiences so that they may meet those of others and in the process be transformed. I particularly enjoy working with companies creating the new and reimagining the old such as NYSX, Third Rail Projects, Art House Productions, and O-Kaos Productions.

Favorite Shakespeare play and why?

The Tempest, a magician's last spell of words, each line a goodbye. This play always feels like swimming through the ever churning waters of a poetic mind, an ocean of dreams and memories, the liminal space between sleeping and waking where we are closest to home.

Two words to describe Much Ado?

About Nothing :P

How did you get into stage management?

My training was very interdisciplinary in nature and as a result, I was able to explore every element of the process. The first production I ever stage managed was a course requirement, but it was during that Dance Concert that I learned how Stage Management can be a dance of its own. Somewhere in between the logical and the creative, there's a balance a stage manager finds which steers the ship where it needs to go. Interest in that balancing act has brought me closer to it.

What do you think will be difficult in managing this adaptation of Much Ado? Why?

This adaptation has condensed an eclectic array of characters to a cast of nine; what I think will be challenging is maintaining the quick pace of the action backstage, where we always have to be one step ahead of a wild ride.

What are you most looking forward to with the production?

I'm looking forward to how this production bridges the gap between Shakespearean and modern audiences, revealing the many ways in which human communication has not changed despite advances in technology. Even with our gadgets, we still make the same mistakes time and time again. Yet victories are made every day, too, by those of us passionate enough to cry out for love, truth, and justice in the same, honored way...with our voices loud and our fists raised high.