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Interview with our Technical Director/Props Designer, Ian Potter

Position and include a one line description of what your position does?

My position is Technical Director/Props Designer. The Tech Directors responsibilities include: organizing and facilitating departmental communications, budgeting materials specifically for set considerations, running set build time, load in and strike. As prop designer I am responsible for pulling, purchasing, renting, and building all rehearsal and show props handled by the actors.

Brief background?

My background is primarily in Tech Direction, Scenic Design, Scenic Carpentry and Scenic Painting. Most of my professional experience is with the Harrisburg Shakespeare Company where I worked in residence for 5 years.

Favorite Shakespeare play and why?

Hamlet! Because I love the "Words, words, words" and more specifically the way Shakespeare organizes them in this play. Quite frankly "The rest (might as well be) silence."

Two words to describe Much Ado?

Zanily Electric

What areas of technical theatre have you previously worked in?

Scenic Design, Technical Direction, Scenic Carpentry, Scenic Painting, Props Design.

What are the technical challenges that Much Ado presents?

Much Ado, especially this production presents the challenges of conceptualizing a very high tech, sleek world, with many lights, beeps, buzzers, and screens without the tech team necessarily having the Silicon Valley sized budget for all of that hardware. The challenge is in making the audience believe the illusion. That's the magic.

What are you most looking forward to with the production?

I am most looking forward, as most techies do, to that opening night final image where all of the puzzle pieces fit together just so.