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MEET THE CAST: Brandon Garegnani

Q: Position/Role with the show?
A: Lucius Junius Brutus. The original gangster.

Q: Brief background about yourself?
A: Born in San Diego with my three burly bothers and raised in the mountains of Colorado where I discovered my love of the arts. Currently residing uptown in the concrete canyons of New York City with my beautiful wife Lynnsey. We like picnics in the park and find ourselves perplexed by the beauty and duality of man.

Q: Any previous experience with NYSX?
A: Debut!

Q: Favorite thing to do outside of theatre?
A: paint, write, draw, read, cook, bike, run, hike, swim, camp, laugh, jump rope, HBOgo, creating something from nothing.

Q: Favorite Shakespeare play and why?
A: Othello. Or Hamlet. Or Romeo and Juliet. Or Macbeth … It depends on the day. But this question is making me discover I have a curious fascination with love and death.

Q: Three words to describe the play?
A: Opportunity / Time / Lesson

Q: Why is Shakespeare (and adaptations of Shakespeare) still relevant and important?
A: Because we still wrestle with the same complex human emotions Shakespeare so eloquently brought to life hundreds of ago. He cuts straight to the blood and bone of what it means to be human.

Q: What about this production excites you?
A: Kevin Brewer’s adaption is wicked, provocative and in verse! The poetry, like Shakespeare’s plays, carries a rhythm and imbedded music humming throughout. It is very exciting and exhilarating to tap into that. It feels like we’re cracking into a brand new Shakespeare play.

Q: What do you hope audiences take away from watching Lucrece?
A: I hope the audience gets lost, forgets their watching a play, and experiences an investigation into our beautifully flawed humanity.