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MEET THE TEAM: Bryan Russell, Production Stage Manager

Q: Position/Role with the show?

A: Production Stage Manager

Q: Brief background about yourself?
A: I am an east coast transplant, originally from Memphis, then by way of Texas. After undergrad, I decided that I wanted to be closer to cities with booming theatre scenes, so New England and New York just made sense. I have been at Rutgers for 2 years now and I am finishing up my MFA this fall. I've worked in a number of genres, from devised work to dance, with some opera in between, but I found that something always brings me back to new plays and adaptations after a while.

Q: Any previous experience with NYSX?
A: This is my first production with NYSX

Q: Favorite thing to do outside of theatre?
A: I love watching basketball. I have a small obsession with human flight, so watching those towering players screaming through the air for 48 minutes makes me giggle like nothing else.

Q: Favorite Shakespeare play and why?
A: King Lear. Aside from the madness, to me it's also a painful tale about a family that never got the help they needed, and paid dearly for it. There are so many opportunities for Lear to reconcile with his daughters, but instead he lets himself get swept away.

Q: Three words to describe the play?
A: Passion without pity

Q: Why is Shakespeare (and adaptations of Shakespeare) still relevant and important?
A: Many of the questions and issues raised in Shakespeare's plays are still questions we grapple with today. So as you watch and examine the work, it serves as a reminder that, while we have made great strides over the centuries, these questions have not gone away.

Q: How did you get into stage managing?