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Past Productions



graphic design by Ronan Jorah

Directed by

Ross Williams


Feb 17 - March 5



259 West 30th Street (at 8th Ave)



Amanda Barron* RJ Foster* Devin Haqq*

Kim Krane*

Sam Leichter*

Cory O'Brien-Pniewski*

Christopher Randolph*

DeAnna Supplee

Carey Van Driest*

 *member Actors Equity Association. Equity Showcase Code pending.




Scenic Design     
Jason Lajka     
Costume Design
Elivia Bovenzi
Lighting Design
Jason Fok

Sound Design     
Matt Otto     

Props Designer
Ian Potter

Shane Breaux

      Asst. Director      
   Chris Haley     

Stage Manager  

Gabriela Gowdie  

Technical Director  
Ian Potter

Art Direction
Ronan Jorah

Casting/Intern Coordinator
Cristina Lundy



Our first-ever fully commissioned play. After a year of development with the playwright,
we are thrilled to share the world premiere! 

Adapted from a poem by Shakespeare
by Kevin Brewer 

Directed by Cristina Lundy 


October 13-23

Teatro Latea
The Clemente
107 Suffolk Street, NYC


The Rape of Lucrece contains nudity and scenes of sexual violence.
Parental discretion is advised.




by William Shakespeare

adapted and directed by Ross Williams


Shakespeare's melancholy Prince of Denmark is brought to vivid life by an ensemble of 10 actors exploring the various pieces of work that make up the man. This reconstruction of one of the greatest English-language plays of all time will delve into the question of who is Hamlet and what makes him one of the most easily related to characters in all of theatrical literature.


March 23-April 9, 2016


The Flamboyan Theater

107 Suffolk St, NYC


Harry Barandes*, Kevin Brewer, Nathaniel P. Claridad*, Julie DeLaurier*
Sean Hinckle, Rebeca Miller*, Elizabeth Neptune, Sarin Monae West
JC Vasquez, and Julia Watt*

CAST BIOS - click here

 *denotes member of Actors Equity Association. Equity approved showcase.


STAGE MANAGER - Megan Harris





Titus Logo


January 22-February 8, 2015 

Read the Press Release

When VIOLENCE is the solution,


becomes the problem.

ROME -- After ten years of savage war, the city stands ready for a period of peace. Instead, the combat-ravaged heroes return to find their Emperor dead and the citizens demanding an end to the oppression of Imperial rule. Only the free election of the noble defender of Rome Titus Andronicus will satisfy their demands. But change does not come easily in a world where brutality is always the first response. Who can survive the carnival of madness when Titus defies the people’s choice and declines the crown?

Forget everything you know about Titus Andronicus. Founding Artistic Director Ross Williams brings Shakespeare's brutal tragedy to life as never before. Viewed through a uniquely contemporary American lens, this Titus will punch you in the gut and leave you panting for relief.

January 22-February 8






145 6th Ave.


Directed by


Ross Williams

Scenic Design

Jason Lajka

Costume Design
Elivia Bovenzi

Lighting Design

Drew Florida

Props Design

Cassie Dorland

Sound Design

Jack Cummins

Fight Choreography

Alicia Rodis


Shane Breaux

Assistant Director

Cristina Lundy

Stage Manager

Jack Cummins
Technical Director

Joshua Shain





(Read the Bios)

Brendan Averett* Nathaniel P. Claridad*
Gretchen Egolf* Vince Gatton* Sean Hinckle
Ethan Itzkow Warren Jackson* Kerry Kastin*
Adam Kezele Kate Lydic Terence MacSweeny*
Joseph Mitchell Parks* Cody Leroy Wilson
  *member Actors' Equity Association


2015 Intern Class: Alexandra Anschutz (Producing), Alex Barker (Costumes), Amanda DiNoto (Scenery/Props), Allison Haglund (Stage Management), Justin Hart (lighting), Sean Hinckle (Performance), Cody Leroy Wilson (Performance)



This production is a part of SubletSeries@HERE, HERE’s curated rental program, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical support.



DCA Logo



Join us for a pairing of two incredible plays, one new and one adapted from
Shakespeare and Euripides. Then stick around for our rambunctious
post-show discussions about what these plays say about our world. 

The Wall

by Kevin Brewer
directed by Cristina Lundy

Two young people meet "voice-to-voice" and grapple with the freedom and uncertainty
that comes from forming a bond with someone you’ve never seen.

STARRING: Kelsey Didion* & Erik Olson

The Muse's Song: A Tale of Troy

adapted and directed by Diana Green

The texts of Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida and Euripides’ The Trojan Women
are woven together to share a new perspective on these classic plays.
Green's adaptation highlights the stark difference between how we view
war from inside, and how we deal with the fallout afterward.

STARRING: Stephen Bel Davies*, Bernard Bygott*, Page Clements*, Adam Donshik*
Emmanuel Elpenord, Dakota Green, Amy Jo Jackson*, Liz Kimball*, Michael Lopez*
Kate Lydic, Kelli Ruttle*, Alex Seife, & Brian Vaughan*

*indicates member of Actors Equity Association. Equity Showcase Code pending.


The Gallery at the Access Theater

Fall 2014



Directed by
Cristina Lundy


October 15-November 2, 2013

Hudson Guild Theater, NYC

441 W. 26th St.


Anna Paratore, Anna Van Valin*, Anthony Manna*, Carey Van Driest*
Danny Rivera*, David Lapkin*, David Price, John St. Croix
Josh Jeffers, Isaiah Johnson*, Katherine Puma*, Matthew Velez,
Terence MacSweeny*

*Denotes a member of Actors Equity Association



Scenery by G. Warren Stiles ~ Lighting by Daniel Winters
Costumes by Orli Nativ ~ Props by Cassie Dorland
Original Music by Shane Parks



Our first-ever 10-week ensemble movement workshop culminates with a presentation of Shakespeare as you've never seen it before.  This theatrical experiment challenges our artists to explore a new combination of theatrical techiques and then layer Shakespearean text into storytelling.  The epic romance of Pericles comes to life in unexpected and inivgorating new ways.


 Devised and Directed by

Erik Andrews and Harry Barandes


 Brian Cheng*, Nicole Golden*, Andrea Goldman, Emma Myers,
Michael Shattner*, Brian Vaughn, Julia Watt*

*appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

June 26-29 at 8PM

June 29 & 30 at 2PM

The Gene Frankel Theater, NYC
24 Bond St., NYC




Directed by

Ross Williams




NY Shakespeare Exchange invites you into a world of mistaken identities, star-crossed lovers, bumbling constables, an exiled king, a usurping brother, shipwrecks, cross-dressing, witches, duels, poison, murder...all in the vaulting verse of iambic pentameter. Audiences will delight in Kevin Brewer's enchanting Island, where reality is relative and comedy reigns supreme.


Harry Barandes*, Melissa Carlile-Price*, Brian Cheng*, Virginia Donohoe*, Zac Hoogendyk*
Brad Lewandowski*, Michael E. Lopez*, Elizabeth Neptune, Erik Olson, Anna Paratore, Adam Patterson,
Eric Percival, Michael Shattner*, Evelyn Spahr, Amy Stringer, Katelin Wilcox*, Leigh Williams*, Ryan Wilson
*member Actor's Equity Association; Equity approved showcase


September 25 - October 13

The Connelly Theater

220 East 4th Street, NYC



An intimate exploration of two plays that share a common theme of youthful passion. As stories of abstinence education, teen suicide, school shootings, and gang violence permeate our 21st-century consciousness, these plays - from the 16th and 19th centuries, respectively - offer evidence of how much remains constant in a world that seems to be careening uncontrollably forward. We examine how playwrights from distinctly different periods come into intensely passionate contact with today’s conflicting attitudes toward love, lust and sexuality. 

Each performance is followed by one of our lively post-show discussions with the artists.  Bring your experiences, opinions and knowledge to the theater with you - you'll need them.


featuring two world-premiere adaptations

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, adapted by Cristina Lundy

Frank Wedekind's Spring’s Awakening, adapted by Kevin Brewer


Directed by Cristina Lundy
April 13-15 and 20-22, 2012

The Access Theater
380 Broadway, NYC


Page Clements*, Brittany Costa, Adam Donshik*, Pat Dwyer*
Madeline Fendrick, Jeff Hathcoat, Katie Lear, Jordan McArthur
Christopher McFarland*, Carmen Meyers*, Patrick Midgley*
Elizabeth Neptune, Michael Pesoli*, Danny Rivera, Alix Rosenfeld
Carey Van Driest*, JC Vasquez, Nate Washburn, Gabriel Weissman

*member of Actor's Equity Association



Strong reasons make strange actions.


skull-shattering power.


New York Shakespeare Exchange has made its entrance in grand style.
This young company is not just promising: It’s delivering.



Ross Williams



Chris Bresky*, Kevin Brewer, Vince Gatton*, Gabe Green*, Zac Hoogendyk*
Joshua Jeffers, Christopher Michael McFarland*, Carmen Meyers*
Philip Mutz*, Elizabeth Neptune, Chris Thorn*, JC Vasquez
Katelin Wilcox*, Leigh Williams*
* member Actors' Equity Association



Scenic Designer ~ G. Warren Stiles
Costume Designer ~ Kristine Koury
Producer ~ Agnes Fercowicz
Video Producer ~ Charles Q. Drexler
Lighting Consultant ~ Daniel Winters
Fight Choreographer ~ Alicia Rodis
Ensemble/Movement Specialist ~ Erik Andrews

Dramaturg ~ Shane Breaux
Assistant Director ~ Cristina Lundy
Stage Manager ~ Halley Kolker
Assistant Scenic Designer ~ Cassie Dorland


 SEPTEMBER 15 to OCTOBER 2, 2011

at the




Stage Readings



Much Ado About Nothing

By William Shakespeare





Kevin Brewer




Mistaken identity, estranged cross-dressing twins, usurping princes, island-dwelling cannibals, balcony-bound lovers, and bumbling constables!


Join us for a rollicking festival of new and classical comedy.  One cast of actors will perform two evenings of theater – one of the Bard's funniest and most heart-wrenching plays and one new “Shakespearean” comedy (in iambic pentameter!) by our resident playwright Kevin Brewer.  Both plays will inspire a dynamic conversation about what’s kept us laughing for more than 400 years.  And after each show some of New York’s premiere theater scholars will be on hand to lead panel discussions.



Island – Nov. 14 & 22


Much Ado – Nov. 15 & 21


Manhattan Children's Theater
52 White Street, NYC





This production was presented through HEREstay, HERE’s curated rental program, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical and administrative support.

Written and Performed by Kevin Brewer

Directed by Ross Williams

The One Man (Two Man (not quite)) Hamlet was developed at 3LD Art & Technology Center 80 Greenwich Street @ Rector ~ New York

Dramaturg - Shane Breaux

Assistant Director - Teddy Eck

Stage Manager - Kerry Kastin

Scenic/Props Designer - Jason Lajka

Costume Designer - Anne Grosz

Video Consultant - Mojisola Shabi

Sound Consultant - Andrew Sterling



“Angels and ministers of grace defend us!”

  Kevin Brewer and his video alter-ego in The One Man (Two Man (not quite) ) Hamlet